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What the World Needs Now... your face.

And it doesn't have to be pretty, either. People are starving for real pictures of real people.

We are sick of stock images! But that's what we've been getting for awhile now, because so many people are working from home and so many places were shut down for months.

This is such an easy way to bring more attention to your social media pages. Instead of a stock image of a person running their business, show yourself and your current surroundings-- even if that is a lime-green-and-blue-margarita-themed craft room. Let everyone see your coworkers helping you on the job-- even if it is your 2-legged and 4-legged children! People are yearning for a return to normalcy and for connection and interaction.

You don't have to do it every day. In fact, you shouldn't do it every day. But there is definitely a place for (once or twice a week) showcasing your reality as a part of your social media posting schedule. You might even find (I have) that people interact more with those posts than your informational graphics and important articles that you would prefer they paid attention to. But that just goes to show how much people appreciate seeing your face as a representative of your business.

Even if you're working from home and your business is SO SERIOUS that you couldn't possibly show your staff working from home- get in the car and drive to your business and take a few snapshots of the place. Take a picture of the empty parking lot. Caption them, "Beautiful day at the office! Too bad no one is working here, currently! But we're still available when you need us."

I know many companies are downsizing their office space. If that's the case for you, take a picture of the old office all cleaned out and empty. Then share pictures of the building that is going to be the next office, or one that's under construction. People eat up "before and after" photos.

Just because we are social distancing and many of us are still spending most of the time at home, there still is great opportunity to let followers and customers get a peek of what's going on with your business. Now, more than ever, people are scrolling past political ads, and meme after meme to see genuine real pictures of the life that is still happening outside of social media.

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