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No, It's Not Just You...

Your business page's organic reach on Facebook is down...way down...

Imagine Back to 2011

Along with getting feathers clamped into your hair, and preordering your brand new Amazon Kindle Fire, your business page posts actually reached almost 30% of the people who followed your page- and even some who didn't! So, if you had a hundred followers, thirty of them had the potential of seeing, liking, sharing, and commenting on the posts you made, thus making the posts reach even more people!

What's the Percentage Currently?

Welp, according to this chart, we were at .5% just three years ago, so where does that leave us? From one source I heard we're at the .2% organic reach range.

Why is This?

Well, the main reason is that Facebook wants businesses to pay for their reach in a "sponsored" or "boosted" post. To do so, they keep messing with algorithms so that less and less people are exposed to your content. For a more in depth explanation of what I'm referring to, check out this informative blog post, that even lays it all out in chronological order.

And One More Thing!

Have you gone to your mailbox lately? The mailbox that you have to walk outside of your home to manually open? Notice that it is flooded with political advertisements? Same thing is happening on Facebook, to the point where I feel my posts are being seen even less than they were just a few weeks ago! As we get closer to November 4th expect your reach to dwindle less and less-- unless you decide to sponsor them. (Side note: In a Social Media Managers group that I'm a part of, many have said that their boosted posts are getting less views and engagement than ever before! So be mindful of this when budgeting out the rest of this month's social media marketing allowance.)

Purpose of this Post

No, this might not give you the information that you were looking for as to why your content isn't being viewed by the 700+ followers you have. I mainly just wanted to validate that yes, currently- especially before November 4th- we Facebook businesses are barely squeaking by with exposure.

Any Advice on What to Do?

I would remain posting frequent and valuable content. Like this blog I wrote, make sure that content involves real pictures/video of real activities, because many of us our still working out of our homes and miss the outside world. I still find that I'm getting more interaction when I use a real image as compared to stock photography. And, hey, maybe in the month following the election you can reuse some of that content that didn't get as much exposure as you would have liked. Didn't NBC have the slogan, if you haven't seen it, its new to you, to entice viewers to watch reruns over the summer? Well, same goes for the amazing content that you are currently sharing that's not getting much attention!

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