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Rocky Mountain Insights

A Blog that Hike's Up Your Knowledge of Social Media

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Delighted You're Here

Welcome to Rocky Mountain Insights; a blog where I share my knowledge that comes with being a Social Media Manager! I'm delighted that you're here!


My primary focus will be to answer the most common questions I receive from clients and others who come to me for social media-related advice. I've got a list of questions, already, that I'm super excited to start blogging about! It is my hope that you might learn something here that helps improve your social media presence, and in turn, boosts your business!


I'm going to be honest. I wasn't born with this knowledge. Nor did I learn it through osmosis. I know, I're surprised and a bit disappointed that I don't sleep with a computer on my head.

What I have done is taken some of the best courses from leaders in the industry, and am constantly reading up on different ways to improve one's social media presence. It doesn't take long for the latest blog/article/training to become obsolete in the fast-paced world that is social media. I was reading an article about Instagram just the other day and laughed when it referred to Instagram only allowing you to post from mobile devices and not desktop computers. You can now post and DM (Direct Message) people from the desktop version. (That's something else I'm going to do with this blog- explain acronyms and abbreviations that I use, because there's nothing worse than reading something online and then having to Google another article just to understand the abbreviation from the first article.)

I've also learned from trial and error. In the About portion of my website you'll read that I first really got into social media marketing when I joined a direct sales company. I wanted my business to do well (and REFUSED to do an in-home party) so I devoured any information I could find on having a successful and lucrative social media presence. Needless to say, my business did WAY better than expected. (I left the company when they were bought out by another organization.) But the knowledge I obtained while running my business stuck with me, and I continued to use those strategies on social media to garner attention- even though I didn't have anything to sell. My Facebook 'friends' might not agree with everything that I post on my personal page, but they definitely notice I have a large social media presence and get a lot of engagement!


So stick with me and read on as I impart the best of my social media experience and knowledge to you!

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