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Covid Effects: What Changes Have You Made?

Similar to posting on social media, if you write a blog, you need to be consistent...says the person who hasn't written a blog since February.

It's okay, I have an excuse!

This March, I had the idea to move some place with a cheaper cost of living. So we sold our home of 10 years, bought a house (sight-unseen) in a city we'd never visited before, and moved 918 miles.

And we did it all within 30 days.


As easy as that all sounds... (Just kidding. It was horrendous.)

I figured I'd just move locations and start everything back up within days of arriving.

I failed to realize that we'd sold most of our furniture before we moved and would need to pick out, purchase, and wait for delivery of said furniture.

[Side Note: We STILL don't have a couch. We sit in our living room on patio chairs. Ordered our couch on April 8th. Guess I forgot to factor in the pandemic, too.]

I must have also forgotten that when you move cities/states you also need a new doctor, a new veterinarian, a new license, a new license plate, a new dog groomer, a new hair stylist; not to mention a pharmacy, grocery store...the list goes on...

Needless to say, its been an overwhelming move and I still don't feel like we're completely settled (though a couch would really help).


But I feel like A LOT of us have made some crazy, life-altering changes since Covid started.

And this wasn't even the first big change in my life- that being quitting my job of 9 years and starting this fantastic business!

Think back to that person you were before March of 2020. You've definitely changed.

We're all different people now, one way or another, whether it be--

Different priorities.

Different viewpoints. Different emotional state.

Different job.

Different home.

Different life.

Usually years don't change us as abruptly as this past one has. I'd like to think that this dramatic shift in all of our lives will end up bringing us closer to where we're actually meant to be on our journeys. (I'm always trying to make lemons out of lemonade-- or margaritas out of limes.)

Anyway, I'm excited to impart some of my social media expertise on you through my blog again, but just wanted to catch you up on where I've been and what's been holding my attention the past few months.

And now, a look at our current "couch" situation.

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