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Adding Stylish Fonts to Your Facebook and Instagram Posts

This is the number one question I get asked when people look at my social media posts, "How did you make your post have those fun fonts and bold lettering?"

This is such a simple tool that you can use to literally stop people in their tracks (or, I guess stop them in their "scrolling") and have them read what you posted. It's not common to see bold writing or italics in your Facebook and Instagram feeds, so the people who are utilizing this easy social media hack are definitely standing out.

In my first ever Vlog, I go over this simple trick to catching people's attention and making them pay attention to what you are posting!


One thing worth mentioning is that people using outdated phones see just a bunch of

squares when they look at the posts where you have utilized this enhanced form of text.

Luckily, I've only encountered a handful of people over the past couple years that have told me that my writing wasn't showing up. So I wouldn't worry about it too much- its just good to know!

I hope you enjoy trying out some of these fun fonts on your Facebook and Instagram posts.

I've attached a couple of links to my favorite font generators to get you started!




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