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TRELLO! Let me introduce you to...Trello!

I'm going to start this blog off by saying that I am, in no way, going to describe this tool as in depth as it deserves. But it is my hope, that just by telling you a little bit about it, that you download it and try it for yourself. And hopefully, it helps you become a more organized person (and business-owner) like it has done for me.

Also, the Trello people have not paid me to say any of this- though it would be cool if they did (a girl's gotta eat). This is my own recommendation.

What is Trello?

Trello is like an advanced, electronic, sticky-note program. You can also collaborate using it- which I imagine is super helpful- but I don't have the need to do it with my business. It organizes projects to "boards" and tells you what's being worked on and who's working on it. It describes itself on its website, "Imagine a white board, filled with lists of sticky notes, with each note as a task for you and your team." (Quote Source.) Here's a picture example of it from the same source.

This is what it looks like if you have a company and teams and projects.

How I Utilize Trello

My usage of Trello is way toned down compared to that- but it's still an asset to the organization of my business. Here's what one of my boards looks like.

I give each of my clients a "board." Then I type the days of the week. Then I type in the general idea (words) of what I want to post on that day and give it a due date. As I slowly generate content, I attach the picture/video/article to the post and type the description (what I'm going to say) on the post, and mark it done! (It's green if it's done. As you can see on this example, I've completed Monday, Tuesday and Thursday's content but not Wednesday or Friday.)

Do I Have to Use Trello JUST for Business?

No. You can have as many or as few boards as you would like. They don't have to be business-related, either. You can have a board of inspirational quotes divided into themes, or a board of tasks you need to accomplish, or a board of people's names and their birthdays and the gifts you want to buy them. If you have a techy-family, you could write the days of the week and the chores that need to be completed and assign them to each kid. LOL!

The possibilities are endless with this amazing tool.

How Pricey?

It's free if you just use the basic version of it, which it what I have. There are other plans you can pay for- they're mainly for using Trello at a bigger company.

How Do I Learn More?

An amazing reference for Trello (and the person that I learned about it from) is Kimberly Ann Jimenez. She has done a TON of free Youtube videos on utilizing Trello from beginners to project managers. (I linked two of her videos.) I recommend you Google her name and "Trello" and check out some of her awesome videos!


In conclusion, (this turned into a 5-paragraph essay, apparently) Trello is extremely versatile and I recommend downloading and giving it a try! Maybe it'll be just the organizational tool that you've been looking for!


OMG! I almost forgot to mention this- their mascot is Taco the Husky! Which, why WOULDN'T you use a tool that has a puppy as a mascot?!

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